3D MetaMorph

We specialize in visualizations of architecture, design and urbanism.
We make portraits of UNBUILT architecture using craft and technology.

Dedicated to creating and pushing forward hyper-realistic virtual creations that can be experienced in virtual reality. Works with the cutting-edge 3D engine, which allows 3D artists to render with frightening precision and realism. The engine also provides ‘out of the box’ support for the Oculus Rift and Samsung VR headsets.

Interactive Walkthrough

Your project has not even got off the blueprints but imagine if you could walk into your future home, your future office or other building? And if you still can interact with it in real time?

Real Time Visualization

View a building in real means change colors, materials, lighting and more, in an interactive and simple way. And this still in photo realistic quality.

VR Experiences

And it gets even better: You can live this experience in virtual reality and immerse completely, even in tourist locations, futuristic scenes and much more!

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